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"Words are images of thought refined." - John Keats, poet
Words have power.
Words can encourage, enlighten, entertain and empower.

Add to words the potency of illustration and your audience will respond to your message in startling and wonderful ways.
I create word pictures, utilizing the power of type and infusing words with an emotional element, or even a personality. These word illustrations are thought-provoking, amusing, serious or whimsical. Some create visual puns, while others illuminate a word's meaning.
Whether you are creating a PowerPoint presentation, brochures, print ads, magazine headlines, book titles, a video project, or simply a T-shirt, Illustrated Words make your point memorable.
Illustrated Words...
  • Make people sit up and take notice
  • Touch the conscience
  • Prompt smiles
  • Grab your readers' attention
  • Trigger bursts of laughter
  • Keep people engaged

Browse through the gallery. What grabs you? What stops you in your tracks? What prompts you to chuckle? Or raise an eyebrow? What makes you stop and think?

Now imagine how your clients, students, parishioners, employees, readers, donors, or audience members will benefit from your message underscored by Illustrated Words.


Mark Lee Golden, Illustrated Words

Contact: Mark Lee Golden
Phone (509) 327-4119

Custom Projects  

These words can be customized or new ones commissioned to help you in your adventure of needing to communicate. Send your requests to the email above.
My Other Website

Visit Mark's creative writing website at where you will find a variety of humorous and interesting articles, blogs and stories.

  • Product Branding
  • Sermon, lecture, seminar slides
  • Affordable, multi-purpose graphics
  • Useful as counselor prompts
  • Unique advertising elements
  • Engaging presentation clips
  • School art projects
  • Help your readership understand what you mean
  • Captivate your audience quicker
  • Descriptive typography for your creative needs
  • Purchase for educational purposes
  • Add interest to your website
  • Shop from over 1,000 layouts
  • Useful for learning the English language