Commissioned artwork is handled on a per project basis with final costs determined by the scope of work. There is no charge for the initial consultation, to determine the scope of work. Following the consultation meeting Mark Lee Golden will present a proposal of the commissioned project for the Client’s consideration.


  • Payment Schedule

    • 50% down payment to begin the project

    • 50% upon completion and delivery of the finished artwork.

  • Ownership of Copyright:Client acknowledges and agrees that Mark Lee Golden retains all rights to copyright of the artwork subject to any such agreement.

  • The number of concepts will be determined in the proposal phase. If the client requires additional concepts, these will be billed at an hourly rate to be determined and submitted in the proposal.

  • If Client decides to cancel a project, Mark Golden will bill the Client for work completed that is not compensated by the down payment.

  • Use of ANYartwork and concepts generated by Mark Golden [dba ILLUSTRATEDWORDS.COM] is totally dependent upon payment in full of all related invoices pertaining to the project.